"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke

>Shooting myself in the foot?

>Todd finally came home last Thursday after calling me from his dad’s car to say that out of the 10 kids that had auditioned to get into this new school of his, only 5 passed. And he was one of them. Although extremely proud of my son, I admit to breaking down in tears as although this is what Todd wants, it also means that I shall see less and less of him. There was a point when I thought that to be a good thing but reality has this nasty habit of jumping up and biting your arse when you least expect it.

Prior to the audition, Todd sang me his version of ‘Yesterday’ with too many gasps for air and so out of tune that I could only feel proud that he was going to stand up and sing in front of strangers. Singing in B Flat comes from my side of the family – none of us can sing, and nor can my children it seems. But Todd was so bursting with enthusiasm – and that was what was really needed to get into the school – that bugger the fact that Belgium does not have talent; this country oozes enthusiasm.

He also showed me the dance that he was going to perform which was a bit ‘stiff’ and the moves didn’t really flow from one to the other, but he must have practised quite a bit as he got through on that too. The poem and the piece of prose that Todd had to recite from memory were a doddle – so we shall see how things go as of September.

Since the boy has been home he has been very sweet. He hasn’t stayed out overnight – yet, disappears from time to time but comes home when asked and in time for supper. I do believe that my relationship with Todd can be salvaged – hell, he even tidied his bedroom and listened to my ideas to change it into a more ‘adult-looking’ bedroom so that he can have friends up there.

So that’s a brief up-date as Todd has only been home a few days and who knows what may happen between now and September. On Saturday he’s off to France with his dad and PHT and then I’ll have him for 2 weeks in August which, going by previous years, is a time where he spends most of his day trying to find friends who aren’t on holiday.

Admittedly, I am waiting for that bullet to go through my foot.
So I’ll smile and wait – hopefully for nothing.