"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke


>Coralie, the first born of my twin daughters has always, ever since the beginning, been the leader. She is only 7 minutes older than her sister, Tatiana, but has to be the stroppiest, bossiest (well, give and take) and pickiest of the two.

This doesn’t mean that she’s bad at all, those are just some of her worser characteristics, some that I could do without, but we all have them.

Even Vicus.

Being the ‘leader’ of the two, when being the first-born, is inevitable from what I understand from all the research done on twins, regardless they be identical or non-identical twins, the latter applying to Coralie and Tatiana.

And Tatiana has had to put up with Coralie’s picky eating over the past 2 weeks as both girls have been home alone at their dad’s house, while he, Todd and PHT are on holiday in Auvergne.

I witnessed a scene of both girls arguing about what to eat for supper. Tatiana was quite rightly asking her sister to go shopping with her, but when Coralie denied, she asked what her sister would like for supper.

Salad? bluergh.
Chicken? ewwww.
Lamb? yuk.

And so it went on. This amused me greatly and there was only one thing to say to Tatiana:

“Welcome to my world.”

She smiled, and, being the stronger of the two girls, forced Coralie up and out to the supermarket. I must learn that tip as so far, it has never worked.

As far as I can tell, Coralie hasn’t really changed. She’s loving, stroppy, picky, adorable, friendly and very ‘brief’. Afterall, she was the one that landed me with That Bunny before I had a say in the matter. But there’s more on that later. That girl is bossy.


A couple of weekends ago she went and volunteered to help clean-up after Couleur Café, a yearly festival that can feature some fantastic bands. The reason why they employ ‘volunteers’ is because the helpers get a free meal, as many drinks as needed (presumably soft drinks) and access to the 3-day festival. The shifts are usually only 3-4 hours long and so it’s an excellent opportunity to see new bands/new music from around the globe.

This sort of ‘thing’ is so unlike Coralie that I nearly passed out. Coralie, picking up pieces of paper? A music festival?

And of course, after the first night she complained about having to stand around helping people, regardless of the opportunity that she had had to watch bands play. But that’s the way she is.

The next thing that completely knocked me out was Coralie telling me that she was going out to some faraway part of Belgium for 4 days – to attend another music festival, that involved camping. Coralie telling me that she was going camping was similar to Posh Becks mentioning the same thing to me.

I needed reassurance that this was, infact, true.

“Hey, Tatiana, your sister says she’s going to a music festival.”
“That’s right – and I’m going for one day too.”
“Yes, but your sister is camping.”

Raise of eyebrows. “I know.”
“Isn’t this like Posh Becks Goes Camping?”


But Coralie enjoyed the weekend, it appears, so maybe she is changing, although not in character.

Meanwhile, I had to look after the Blasted Bunny.