"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke

>Watermelon Time


Here’s Herman tucking into his latest favourite snack, a sliver of watermelon. He can eat a piece that is around 10% of his body mass in a few minutes. I’ve no idea where he puts it, unless the shell is largely hollow. Still he’s happy. He eats so fast he even nibbled my finger.

We’ve also aquired a rabbit. We’re bunnysitting for one of the girl’s friends, who has no idea of by darling beloved, whom I love deeply’s track record as a bunny burier. It just sits in its cage looking terrified. I think it’s picking up psychic vibes or something, or can sense the scent of bunny doom.

I went to an incredibly pointless debate in tha Parliament yesterday, one that just angered me. It was meant to be a debate between the candidates for President of the European Parliament.. Now, this could have been interesting as it was the only public debate on the presidency.

It was organised by European Voice, house paper to the EU and a lobbying firm, an unholy alliance between media and spinners.

Sadly, the debate was dead in the water before it started as Graham Watson (Liberal) withdrew from the race just before the meeting. This was a day after the EEP candidate (and future winner) Jerzy Buzek told the press Watson had withdrawn. Watson was running on a ‘no backroom deals’ platform and withdrew ‘to allow a joint candidate from the three main blocks. In other words, he bailed as he was joining a dodgy backroom deal. His reward? A committee to look into the causes of the financial crisis.

So the debate was between Buzek, who seemed rather rambling and disconnected and Eva-Britt Svensson (GUE) who did well but has no chance of winning at all.

It was a shameful display of all that is wrong with European politics. A travesty of a debate with other speakers not even pretending that it wasn’t a stitched up deal. No transparancy, no accountability.