"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke

>Hallowe’en 2009

>This morning I actually remembered to buy some sweets for all those adorable little Belgian kids who pop around at this time of year. Not that they, for one second, understand what the ‘Trick or Treat’ tradition is all about as proven one year when a couple of young children turned up on my doorstep a day early so I told them to get packing and come back the following day. Strangely enough, they never did. Sometimes I ask the ‘Trick-or-Treaters’ to sing me a song in return for a treat, but they haven’t seemed to have grasped that one yet and so left empty-handed.

Yet I am still sitting here wearing my bat-on-springs hair-band hoping that some little cherub will pop by. As it is something of my childhood (not that I can actually remember dressing up and going out, but the pumpkin-carving was very important – and it happens to be my youngest brother’s birthday today too – Hello Rob!) that I taught my own children about it all and enjoyed many a year getting disguised as witches or whatever, and accompanying them around the nearby streets.

This year, Tatiana is off for a night of home-made food and scary DVDs with her friends. As she had a hockey match beforehand, I helped her and made some pastry decorations, such as a pumpkin, witch, broom etc. I have no idea where her sister is and her brother is due home in 3 minutes….

I miss sharing this evening with my children, but I know I would only embarrass them as that is what parents do best, it appears.

It’s nearly 8pm and no one has popped by.

I really am not that scary. Oh no.