"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke

>Oh Todd…..

>I can hear the yelling and screams of distaste from here.

I’ll wind back a bit.

My Ex is very anti-tattoos and piercings – I’m surprised that he put up with my pierced ears when we got together. But each to their own and I respect that, but I do not respect people who shun others simply because they have a pierced nose or a tattoo somewhere and more often than not label ‘these people’. Surely it’s what comes from the heart that matters?

Can a man at work perform less well because he has long hair? Are men or women less competent at whatever they do if they have a piercing or a tattoo? I don’t think so – unless they were pretty useless in the first place, but why blame their body adornments, they are hardly to blame.

Just before my Ex left I decided to have a tattoo done. He never got to see it as we weren’t sleeping together, but I think Todd told him that I had one. He called me a “beef” when I think he actually meant to say “cow”, but who cares – I don’t. Since then I have had a tongue stud which I took out after six months as it started to annoy me and have toyed with the idea of another tattoo but decided to use the money on that week’s groceries.

Yesterday, Todd popped by to show off … his piercing. He has a black stud just to the right of his lower lip which looks pretty much like a blackhead, but Todd thinks it looks cool. I asked if he’d shown his father yet and the reply was ‘no’. After he left I could hear screams ricocheting off the houses in this village, and once they had subsided I decided to call the Ex.

“Je suis TRES faché,” he said with venom.
“The boy is sixteen – there’s not much we can do. Besides, he’ll take it out after he’s snagged it once too many a time when getting undressed. Don’t be angry.”
“I hope so.”

The funny thing is, Todd’s father was all for letting him get a Prince Albert.