"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke

>The interview that was.


I trundled along to the interview and despite sitting in front of three people, didn’t feel at all nervous. Making eye-contact with all three as I spoke was difficult, so I decided to simply keep that special contact for the person asking me a question. They didn’t really ask me many questions, just explained what they do and how they work which had me leading the conversation most of the time asking them questions.

How do I think I did?

I’m not sure.

At the beginning of the interview, I asked if they would mind if I took notes. The main interviewer found this to be very funny, saying “I don’t think anyone has asked that before – have they? But I see your point – of course, please do.” I thought that was a Good Thing (ie: in my favour).

I had written down about ten questions about their company that I had picked up from the website and asked them those questions that they hadn’t already mentioned. The fact that I had looked through their website was, to me, a Good Thing.

The main interviewer knew about one of my former places of employment and the fact that we had something/names in common was, to me, a Good Thing.

I was very honest and asked if they offered training as mentioned in the job specs. They said that they do, but asked me why, and what was I thinking of? I replied that despite having had training in Excel last year, it was never put to use so I am a bit rusty. Was I too honest?

I brought up an issue that was in the news this week and related to the company, so asked if they intervene in such matters. I thought that to be a Good Thing as it showed that I was well-prepared.

That’s all I can remember, really. I’m not sure how well I’ll do against the other candidates, but we’ll see.

Finger’s crossed.

John Norris will be pleased to know that I fell asleep in front of Jezza Kyle:)