"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke

>Todd N° 5,379 (and still going)

>Oh dear, that horrible, big cloud of hormones has descended upon Todd again. Living with that boy is worse than living with a woman and I do happen to live with a couple aswell as myself. Yesterday he left the house without a word, came back hours later for his clean washing that I said I’d fold and put back into his suitcase, but oh no. He was obviously in a rush to get somewhere and was just grabbing clothes off the clothes-horse and shoving them into a small back-pack. I wanted to protest but I value my doors slightly more these days and so let him get on with it.

Today he came back banging on the front door – OH NO, my newly varnished door – for the rest of his stuff. I knew full well that he was also here to re-charge his phone as he lent his re-charger to a friend at his boarding facility, which although kind, was a little silly of him to leave it with her all this week as he’s home for half-term. The only person with a re-charger that fits his phone is me and I certainly didn’t want him running off with it as I know that I’d never see it again. Todd tried talking to me but had trouble with his new piercing (a ring, this time – eww) and it is once again fashionable to lisp.

I ran upstairs to get his suitcase with his remaining clothes in it, came back to find that he had gone and that there was a large footprint on my front door. I’m managing Todd’s mood-swings much better these days as after a bad day I always know that there will be a good day, a bit like the sun coming out after the rain. I’m also doing a facial-hair-growth dance because when he starts shaving…

that bloody piercing will come out.