"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke

Somebody out there is trying to make a profit…

…from my book. Well, plenty have already, but for christ’s sake, there is one left on the Amazon page and it is going for…. £122.69p.

I wonder at the stupidity of people sometimes. If I really wanted to buy a book that was out of print I would contact the author (presuming that said author has a web site of some sort – most do these days, if not all), and ask if it was possible to buy a book directly from the author. I have almost 300 copies of my book in England, and about 3 here which I will sign and post to anybody who would like one – at quite a lower price than that going on Amazon.

It is too late for this Christmas, unless bought for a birthday early next year – or whenever – I don’t care. But I know that a signed book is worth more than one that is not.

Ho hum.

I think Firefox is trying to trick us into believing that we will, after all, get a white christmas as snow is forecast for Thursday. I prefer to remain sceptical about that and enjoy the snow that we presently have, especially as I have to go into town tomorrow to find 2 more small presents. The earlier I am into town the better. The christmas ‘food’ shopping has been bought and as often, we will be having a raclette by request of the children. That will last until the new year at least as no doubt the girls will be visiting their boyfriends and Todd will be visiting his girlfriend. Or simply friends.

It’s time to turn on those christmas carols.

Oh yes, indeed.