"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke

Oh great.

Whenever the children were sick and needed to see a doctor they always adhered to Murphy’s Law and fell ill over a weekend.  Whenever something goes wrong in this house, Murphy’s Law also applies.

My heater broke this morning.

This means no hot water and no heating until I can get a chauffagiste in to look at my 16 year old boiler-thing.  He will, naturally, tell me that I need a new boiler.  I have been trying to put off buying a new one until I was earning enough money to pay for one but it appears that job or no job – I am going to have to fork out for a new boiler.  The old one is in a state – the front looks as if it’s been burnt from the inside and there’s a round patch where the front has got so hot that the white covering has actually burnt off.

I have tried calling a couple of chauffagistes but ended up leaving messages on their answering machines.  The first that can help is the one who gets the job.

That is, if he works with my make of boiler.

Belgium really doesn’t make life easy and only certain chauffagistes will work with certain boilers.  Surely, if you learn to work in the heating trade, you are taught how to deal with different boilers.  How different can they be?

In the meantime, it’s wrap up warm and a visit to Tony’s for a shower.