"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke

This isn’t funny anymore.

I love snow, I really do, and the first time that it snowed this winter, back in December, made a picturesque little scene.  And then it all died, the earth was soggy and people started backing onto my front lawn.  Then it snowed again later in December, carefully avoiding any chances of a white christmas and this time, quite a lot fell, enough to screw up the trams until midday that Sunday morning.

And then that all died too.

About two weeks ago we woke up to yet more snow, although it was a pitiful amount yet very slippery.  And this morning, we have yet another coating of snow, the fourth time this winter, and this simply doesn’t happen in Belgium.  It’s either once or never.  It’s a bit of a pathetic fall but it doesn’t look like it’s finished yet, and what’s worse is the fact that it’s freezing outside.

But it’s all my fault.

Yesterday, when standing against the sink trying to find out where I was getting stains from the spag bol sauce I checked to see if my snow drops were pushing through, and sure enough, there were hundreds of little stems under my hedge.  So I thought to myself “snow drops look so pretty when there’s snow on the ground.”

And now there is.  Please don’t hate me Belgium, although I suspect you already do.  Tatiana obviously does as she found my box of All Bran hidden away in the garage, so I couldn’t deny her a hearty breakfast full of good, solid fibre to get her bowels functioning.  Dammit.

Just look at the snow and think how pretty it is, what a wonderful excuse not to go into work by car today – public transport is great.  But please don’t hate me – at least not too much.

And I promise not to talk to my plants again.