"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke

Two down, one to go.

This year started off well: Coralie has moved out too, now. Well, she is 21, she does have a job and so it only made sense to find an apartment nearer town to move into with her boyfriend. She was rather crafty on choosing the date as for christmas she received gifts such as a television, crockery set, king size bed, sheets and much more. Her uncle is tired of his sofa suite so is going to give that to her as well. I let her take various bits and bobs from her bedroom here – chest of drawers, set of shelves, a coat rack and the bed I had made for her last year, a double duvet cover, king size mattress and pillows – mainly because I’ll have to get rid of most of that some time this year anyway. I’ll probably find myself with absolutely nothing in the end, but when I get a job I’ll be fine.

It’s strange seeing her empty bedroom, littered only by bags and the remains that Coralie has to sort out, and it stings when I find items of her clothing that were put for washing. Todd’s room is still a tip and I’m not going anywhere near it unless I have some sort of safety clothing on. I was once looking for something and found a sheet full of vomit under his bed. It was almost frozen so I put it back. His father has been told to bring Todd here to clear up his room, but so far, no luck.

Todd did drop by on 2 January to wish me a happy new year, but although polite, he hardly said anything and left after 5 minutes as Coralie was giving him a lift to his dad’s.

I can’t wait for this damn foot to heal so that I can visit Coralie’s new home. She showed me photos of it and it looks lovely – it even has a large balcony facing south on which they can put garden furniture and eat outside in the summer.

Children. They cause immense pain when they arrive on this planet and just as much when they leave the nest that we built for them.

I think I’ll put blocks of cement around Tatiana’s feet.