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>Oh Arse.

>Things didn’t go that well today – partly my fault for not having thoroughly prepared and thought through possible questions that I may have been asked. I’d like to thank all those who gave good, sound advice – and if (that’s a rather big if) I get the job, I may start believing in god. […]


>Breaking a leg.

>Guess what? You can’t. You’ve read my Facebook page so you know. But if you haven’t… The company where I last had an interview have got in touch with me as there is an identical position in another department and would like to interview me on Friday. They contacted me. I feel so chuffed. But. […]


>Just an update….

>I didn’t get the job. They have no idea what they are missing. Or perhaps they do and that’s the problem. Mmmm, food for thought.


>That second interview.

>After having typed up an invitation letter that only made sense to me, I then told the HR woman that I spell organise with an ‘s’, not a ‘z’, so that will appear as a typo as well as the fact that ASEAN should be entirely in block capitals, not just the ‘A’, I went […]



>I’ve made it to the top three candidates for the job that I applied for which is a great boost to my morale but I have to go back for computer tests and that is already freaking me out, as that really is my downfall. Still, if I managed to get this far… Cross your […]


>The interview that was.

>So. I trundled along to the interview and despite sitting in front of three people, didn’t feel at all nervous. Making eye-contact with all three as I spoke was difficult, so I decided to simply keep that special contact for the person asking me a question. They didn’t really ask me many questions, just explained […]