"You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart. You’re heading for a breakdown, better pull yourself apart. " - John Cooper Clarke

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

(Photo taken by Coralie who isn’t used to my camera, hence the blurring.) Coralie kindly drove me to A&E yesterday and even waited with me. I was seen to pretty quickly and the xrays proved that ….. I’ve broken my foot somewhere just below my little toe which is why I am now in plaster […]

And so that was christmas.

The last christmas to be spent in this house was a quiet one. The week previous to it, I managed to fall up the stairs and sprain my ankle quite badly and so I spent the week hobbling around on a rather bruised foot. Come christmas day and I was knocking back painkillers like smarties, […]

Todd, sorted.

It wasn’t what I wanted, to be honest, but Todd has decided to live with his dad and PHT full-time. This doesn’t really mean that much as he only spends the weekends there and his dad is going slightly mental about the forthcoming holidays as Todd doesn’t want to come here at all. I feel […]

Piece by Piece.

Little by little I see the slight movements of Coralie making her move out of the house. She agreed to pay a small contribution towards the house without any fuss once she started her job. Now she has a car of which I am proud that she bought as the three other children in the […]

Growing up.

Nobody told me that having children was easy, although at the moment I am finding it even harder realising that one of my daughters is about to fly the nest. Coralie went to get her exam results on Tuesday and despite having had to re-take seven exams she passed with “satisfaction”, whatever that may translate […]


That was definitely a year to remember. I waddled around like a beached up whale, ate extremely healthy, exercised a lot and generally felt good about myself as I was due to give birth on 24 June. All I knew was that I wasn’t expecting just the one baby, but two, but had no idea […]

A job!

No, not me, Coralie. Coralie applied at a hotel for a summer job as a receptionist and they not only gave her a summer job, but a full contract which only goes to show how valid a stage is when studying for a degree. Not only does she have the experience, but she also speaks […]

There are pros to unemployment.

I miss Coralie terribly these days and keep calling her sister ‘Coralie’ which must be driving her batty. (Tatiana, that is, not Coralie.) So far, I have heard via Coralie’s boyfriend and father that she had arrived safely and is sharing a room with a friend. Her boyfriend added that as of yet she has […]

And so she’s gone.

Well, Coralie came around yesterday to grab a few of her belongings here to take to Tenerife and then said goodbye. She is 20, a young adult and therefore I should be pleased that she’s going to work in Tenerife for 4 months to improve her Spanish so that she’ll get her degree at the […]

Pathetically miserable for no reason at all.

On Saturday, Coralie leaves this country to work in a hotel in Tenerife for 4 months as part of her degree in tourism.  I was jumping for joy at one point – the stroppy little cow will give me some relief for a while, but somehow, as a parent  wishing your offspring to leave the […]

What is it with black eyes in my family?

Coralie came home one night and went straight to bed. The next morning I scolded her for not having taken off her make-up. “It’s not make-up, Mum, it’s a black eye.” “A black eye? How?” It took a while to get any sense out of her but finally she told me ‘her’ version of the […]