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And so that was christmas.

The last christmas to be spent in this house was a quiet one. The week previous to it, I managed to fall up the stairs and sprain my ankle quite badly and so I spent the week hobbling around on a rather bruised foot. Come christmas day and I was knocking back painkillers like smarties, […]


Todd, sorted.

It wasn’t what I wanted, to be honest, but Todd has decided to live with his dad and PHT full-time. This doesn’t really mean that much as he only spends the weekends there and his dad is going slightly mental about the forthcoming holidays as Todd doesn’t want to come here at all. I feel […]


This isn’t funny anymore.

I love snow, I really do, and the first time that it snowed this winter, back in December, made a picturesque little scene.  And then it all died, the earth was soggy and people started backing onto my front lawn.  Then it snowed again later in December, carefully avoiding any chances of a white christmas […]


From quiet homes and new beginnings…

We had snow at the end of last week and even more on Friday night. The blizzard on Sunday kept us indoors as there was so much snow falling that taking photos would have meant risking our cameras, not to mention the freezing temperatures. Tatiana has “borrowed” my gloves and welly boots which is a […]


Alert: Belgium has moved to Canada.

Holy smokes, we have real snow. Well, a blizzard, actually. I’ve not heard a single tram go by and after a look I could see about 5cms of snow on the tram tracks. This is the first time in the 16 years that I have lived in this house that this has happened. I’m also […]